General Terms and Conditions

Legal Framework

Tropical Adventure Travel & Investment Group is a legally incorporated Travel Agency and Group Investor which carries out commercial operations at various tourist destinations in accordance with the law of every country.

Reservations and cancellations   

A reservation shall be made by mutual agreement sufficiently in advance and based on the availability and price of a product or service. In case a traveler is interested in a product or service which is not listed, he may contact the Agency to receive its prices. Reservations of a product or service may be suspended for a certain period of time when the provider is unable to ensure good quality of the offered product or service.

To be able to make a reservation, a traveler should give his written approval (by e-mail), of the amount for the product or service set by the Agency. For his reservation to be confirmed, he shall pay the Agency a deposit equivalent to 30% of the full price of the program. Upon receipt of deposit, we shall send him a final confirmation of his reservation. The remaining 70% of full payment shall be made 60 days prior to the passenger(s) ´s arrival.

For last minute reservations (less than a month prior to passenger arrival at destination) the full payment shall be made upon reservation. The Agency shall be exempted from any responsibility over an eventual cancellation of confirmed reservations in case the above payment terms are not fulfilled.

Travel compensation and cancellation

 If due to external or unavoidable circumstances it is impossible to carry out an essential part of travel, and this requires the travel to be canceled, the Agency shall undertake to:

  • Inform the traveler immediately.
  • Immediately reimburse the traveler, with no penalties, the amounts paid or propose an alternative travel option.

The Agency acts as an intermediary between various providers and shall not be held accountable for them in the following circumstances:

  • Force majeure: strike, bad weather, war, earthquake, epidemic, etc.
  • Flight delays.
  • Change of schedules or airports.
  • No-show at arrival time in the airport.

In case that for any other reason a traveler cancels his trip or part of his travel program (change of date, change of services, etc.) prior to departure, he shall pay the expenses resulting from such cancellation or changes under the following terms (prices per person):

  • Over 31 days prior to departure: USD 100.00
  • 30-21 days prior to departure: 30%
  • 20-8 days prior to departure: 60%
  • Less than 8 days prior to departure: 100%

Reservations may be canceled on working days from Monday to Friday, at 09:00-17:00 Eastern Time.


Prices are set in Euros or USD and they shall coincide with the requested products or services. They may change according to the tourism season (low, mid, high) or due to sudden price changes by providers. Any price change shall be informed accordingly in due time.

Forms of payment

Payment of invoices shall be made in Euros or USD at the day´s official exchange rate at destination through a credit transfer or a debit/credit card once the Agency has confirmed all products and/or services. Expenses related to credit transfers and card payments shall be at traveler´s expense.


Programs are tourist packages combining various products and services usually offered at different destinations. Programs may be subject to modifications beyond the Agency´s control due to changes or replacement of services by the product or service provider. In such case, and as mutually agreed with the traveler, he will be reimbursed as the case may be.

There may be hotel or lodging place changes due to many reasons without it being a substantial modification of the trip. Whenever possible, the traveler shall be provided a service of the same stars as originally stipulated. If there is a major change in a service (e.g., a house instead of a hotel), the traveler may change or cancel his travel program. In the latter case, he shall be charged only the program preparation and pre-payment expenses made to guarantee the reservation. When a traveler decides to change a program with another, the Agency shall apply the relevant cancellation rules for such change. See Compensation and Cancellation rules (“no-show” policy.)

Programs include: lodging at a hotel and/or private home, transportation, excursions and assistance. Programs do not include: international flights, tips, personal expenses, medical insurance or repatriation.


Excursions are activities that take place at the same tourist destination. For instance, visits, courses, tours, etc. They are part of a traveler´s program but are independent from transportation, lodging and assistance. Excursions include a guide whose job is to assist travelers.


Lodging is provided in hotels and/or private homes. According to international practice and except exceptional local conditions, rooms are available to be occupied (check-in) at 16:00 hours, while leaving them (check-out) should be at 12:00 hours. These times are irrespective of flight arrival and departure times.

For technical reasons, force majeure (natural disasters, etc.) or due to third party actions, the Agency reserves itself the right of changing the expected lodging place for another having the same stars, which shall be informed to the traveler in due time.


There are three transportation options: private, group and car rentals.

Private transportation means renting a vehicle with a driver for the whole program or part of it. The rate for this service changes depending on the number of travelers and category (standard, comfort, van and bus) of the requested vehicle. The rate for this service includes gas, insurance and all driver-related expenses (his lodging and food.) Group transportation is a service provided with bigger buses for groups of 8 travelers or more. Renting it requires hiring a driver and a guide. Rental price varies according to vehicle category (standard, luxury and family) and does not include expenses related to compulsory insurance, service deposit, gas, a second driver or recharge for drop-off. These expenses are paid directly to the rent-a-car office upon signing the contract.

Assistance and guide service

Assistance is an over-the phone and/or person-to-person service we provide which allows a traveler to enjoy a nice stay at destination without having to deal with possible logistic inconveniences during his tourist program. It makes a traveler feel safe and informed on each leg of his trip thanks to the constant assistance and advice of our agents.

It includes: checking of rooms, welcome at the airport, briefing, assistance in case of renting a car or a circuit with driver and assistance in the provinces depending on your tour.

Guide Service is another type of assistance that consists of hiring a private guide who will accompany and advice the traveler during each leg of his trip. The guide shall coordinate the logistics and operations on the route to be covered, coordinate the places where meals shall be served, ensure tourist safety, guarantee the transportation means for the trip and provide every required information on the site to be visited. There is also the option of special service by a guide-driver who will provide safe driving and also give correct tourist information about each place that is visited. It includes lodging and food expenses. Does not include tips.


A traveler shall contact the Agency over the proper channels. In the case of reservations, claims and/or information requests, a traveler shall use the forms of contact indicated. The Agency shall not be held liable for any damages resulting from a communication failure due to the use of channels not authorized by it.

Beginning and End of Travel 

The date of beginning of travel shall be the day and time of arrival of traveler at an airport in the country. Similarly, the date of end of travel shall be the day and time of departure from the airport. Rates shall be set as per the number of nights, not days. If, based on international hotel standards for room availability, the first/last day is shortened by a late arrival or early departure, the Agency shall not be liable for any compensation whatsoever.

Schedule Changes and Delays

The Agency shall endeavor so that travel goes on normally, without it being responsible for any unexpected events, force majeure cases or problems caused by third parties. Specifically, no reimbursement or compensation shall be applicable if schedules set by an air, sea or land carrier shorten or extend travel. Occasionally, the Agency, acting as an intermediary between the traveler and service providers, and shortly before departure, can be notified by the carriers or hoteliers on sudden schedule or date changes in the provision of services. Based on those changes, any cancellation suggested by a traveler shall be made according to travel compensation and cancellation policies (“no-show policy”.)

Airport and Flight Schedule

Schedules for all domestic and transatlantic flights, aircraft types and the route are provided by way of information. There may be a delay (up to 12 hours) without entailing an indemnity by the carrier or this Agency. These schedules may change (even after confirmation) on the initiative of the carrier and therefore shall not be the Agency´s responsibility.

On the other hand, busy air traffic, events caused by third parties (strikes, technical problems, weather conditions, etc.) may cause delays that shall not merit indemnity. Equally, a change of airport by a carrier shall not be a reason for any compensation. In such case, transportation expenses (taxis, buses, etc.) shall be at traveler´s cost. Airlines shall not be responsible in any way for inconveniences resulting from hour- or day-long delays at the beginning or end of travel. Under international conventions, connections are not guaranteed. Thus, a traveler cannot demand from the Agency any compensation whatsoever for such inconveniences or expenses thereof.


For a claim to be admissible, it shall be sent by e-mail to the Agency within 7 days of the date of return to the country of origin. The time for a response may vary depending on how long the providers of the services related to the claim will take to give an answer. Sometimes and at given dates, negotiated and invoiced prices shall exclude certain promotional rates applied at destination. In this case, no claim or reimbursement request shall be satisfied. No reimbursement shall be made if for any reason a traveler cancels hotel or service reservations offered at destination.

If due to any incident there are changes in itineraries or services, the claim shall be accepted only if the traveler has taken the following steps at destination:

  • Reporting the incident to the Agency´s Assistance Service.
  • Obtaining from the person responsible for the incident (home owner, hotel manager, etc.) written evidence of the incident in question.

Unforeseen events

Both civil and religious festivities, unexpected closing of facilities due to various causes, etc. may bring about unplanned changes to visits or excursions. Therefore, the Agency cannot be held liable for such unforeseen events. Any change in the course of a program, while adhering to its content in terms of services, due to reasons beyond the control of its organization shall be borne by the Agency to guarantee a good course of travel, but in no case shall any compensation be valid.

Traveler´s responsibility and change of destination

A trip shall not be reimbursed when a traveler does not show up at the time and place stated in the Travel Program, regardless he is responsible for his absence or not. Equally, there shall not be any reimbursement whatsoever when a traveler is unable to participate in the program for not producing his required travel documents (passport, visas, vaccination certificates, etc.) In case he does not show up at departure, the Agency deserves itself the right of canceling the rest of services.

All changes of services at destination shall imply a surcharge of 50 Euros or USD per change to cover the technical expenses and communication costs made for confirmations. The Agency shall accept a request for changes of services at destination made directly by a traveler if he pays the eventual surcharges caused by such changes. If by any reason a traveler changes services on his own and directly with a provider no reimbursement shall take place.

A traveler may suspend an on-going service (a lesser number of nights at the lodging place, less time in an excursion, etc.) If such a reduction results from a default on the service, the traveler shall be reimbursed at destination at the relevant rate set by the Agency and he shall sign a “full compensation waiver.” If such suspension results from a decision by the traveler, he shall not be able to claim any reimbursement for unused services. In case a service is replaced by another (e.g. a change of room type), the new service shall be charged based on the rate set by the Agency and paid directly at destination, with no reimbursement for the previous service.

Loss and theft

The Agency shall not be liable in case of a loss of theft experienced by a traveler at the tourist destination, either at a hotel facility, private home, a vehicle or during any function or activity. In case of damage, the traveler shall notify the Assistance Service, which will guide him over the phone or send him an assistant who will be with him during his deposition to the police or other authority. The traveler shall certify and validate such deposition for a partial return of his insurance after he has come back to his country of origin.

The Agency holds the traveler solely responsible for his personal belongings in any circumstance. For this reason, the Agency shall only play the role of an assistant in the case of luggage misplaced by the airline or clothes or other belongings left at a lodging place or vehicle. A traveler shall inform about his loss within 24 hours so that an effort at recovery is made. An assistant shall advice the traveler on how to make his statement at the airport´s luggage service section, the police or the hotel management, as the case may be. After a statement has been made to the institution, the traveler shall follow the process aimed at recovering his goods by the institution. Depending on the type of assistance that is requested, the traveler may pay for certain expenses concerning this procedure.

Traveler´s  insurance

At many tourist destinations, traveler´s insurance is required. In the case of Cuba, you must be insured. Depending on the type of insurance cover, the insurance may cover theft, loss, medical attention and civil liability for third party property damages, particularly to lodging places and others. In case of damage, the Agency shall assist the traveler in his application for insurance rights. Still, it shall be the traveler´s responsibility to pay at destination for every damage caused by him and demand a return after he is back in his country of origin. In case of hospitalization, the traveler shall contact his insurance company with the Agency´s assistance.

The insurance company shall negotiate hospital charges directly with the health system at the tourist destination. Nevertheless, the traveler shall pay for medical expenses in advance and he shall be reimbursed by his insurance company after producing his paid bills.


This Agency shall not be held liable in case a traveler is unable to go through health, police or customs checkpoints. A traveler shall have the obligation of getting himself informed about all required procedures according to his nationality. Minors shall travel with adults duly authorized to represent them. The Agency shall not accept the registration of an unaccompanied minor nor shall it be held liable in case a minor has registered himself without adult consent.


Travelers shall behave properly at each destination. They shall abide at all times by the laws, rules and ways of each country. In case it is duly substantiated by the deposition of reliable witnesses that a traveler has been behaving repeatedly in an improper manner and annoying and/or harming his fellow travelers or the inhabitants at a place, the Agency shall reserve itself the right of suspending any service to the traveler without him having any right to reimbursement or compensation. Equally, the Agency shall not be responsible for any fines, arrests or court proceedings resulting from the traveler´s improper conduct.


For health and safety reasons, pets are not allowed during travel. If this rule is breached, the Agency reserves itself the right of suspending services to a traveler.