Excursions in Trinidad

A Living Museum

You´ll discover a spectacular gallery of architectural details, from artistic balconies and railings to splendid staircases crowned by picturesque multicolored facades. All this makes Trinidad an authentic Colonial Jewel of Cuba that was declared a Heritage of Humanity by UNESCO. This sightseeing shall take you to its historic downtown area, plazas and museums and let you admire the beautiful and old palaces of the aristocratic families of earlier periods, among other interesting spots in this pretty town.

From: USD 29.00

The Town and the Valley

If you go to Trinidad, you must visit Sugar Mills Valley. The Town and the Valley are inextricably parts of a common history: the development of sugar industry and slave labor that sustained economic growth during the colonial time. Sugar Mills Valley is a large outdoors museum with nearly 70 archaeological sites where you´ll see the ruins of old sugar mills and estates and farms which were the economic basis of that town. Also, during this tour you shall hear interesting stories turned legends by folk imagination.

From: USD 57.00

Touching the Clouds

This excursion to the Topes de Collantes Natural Park shall take you, literally, to the clouds crowning the peaks of high mountains. During this tour of the impressive Guamuhaya mountain massif, you shall live a true adventure by ascending to nearly 1000 meters above sea level and wonder while strolling along meandering treks amidst exuberant tropical nature.

Lunch included.

*You are advised to wear appropriate clothes and shoes for countryside conditions.

From: USD 75.00

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