Excursions in Havana

Colonial Charm

A walk around the main streets and plazas in the Historic Area.

A real journey to the city´s colonial past during which you´ll see the charming architectural beauty and great heritage wealth of a city trapped in time.

You can enjoy magical moments

From: USD 28.00

Exquisite Havana

Tour of the city´s main architectural jewels and museums. This tour is a chance to see the most emblematic spots of the capital. It allows to fully appreciate the exquisiteness of architecture and art in general in a nation whose cultural richness stems from the multiethnic and cosmopolitan features of its people.

From: USD 55.00

The Old Man and the Sea

An exceptional tour to visit the Havana spots where famous US writer Ernest Hemingway lived and found inspiration.

You´ll be able also to visit other places he used to hang around and later described as scenes of some of his most important stories.

From: USD 60.00

Fortresses and Cannons

Uncover another Havana through his imposing fortifications system that they protected this coveted city of frequent attacks from corsairs and pirates in colonial times. The Castle of the three Kings of El Morro with its strategic lighthouse and enviable position over the mouth of the Havana Harbor and the adjoining San Carlos de la Cabaña Fortress, the largest military fortress built by the Spanish in Hispanic America, are the ideal place for appreciating and photographing spectacular views of the city at dusk. You can also enjoy interesting tourist amenities and see with other visitors from all over the world the famous “Cannon Firing Ceremony”.

From: USD 56.00

Cuba with Salsa

Salsa has become one of Cuba´s most popular dance music forms. Though it started in New York in the 1960s and Puerto Rico took it for itself, it was influenced by several Cuban sounds, particularly Son and also Cha-Cha-Chá and Mambo and others. Besides learning how to dance Salsa, you will also see other very popular dances of the Caribbean like Merengue, Bachata or Reggaeton. After learning the basic steps you´ll be happy to be able to dance with the “hottest” Latino sounds.

*For persons 8 years old or more.

*You should specify your gender to join the course.

From: USD 52.00


The Time Machine

Great tour of the city riding fancy old cars.

Ideal for classic car lovers. In many countries, such vehicles can be seen only in museums & photographs. Unlike the colonial tour, now you´ll be riding along wide avenues flanked by regal buildings of many various styles (art deco, neoclassic, art noveau) reflecting successive periods in Cuba.

From: USD 49.00

Cycling in Havana

An excellent combination of healthy exercise and an unforgettable sightseeing day in Havana.While riding a bike, you´ll be able to see the magical Havana Seaside Boulevard facing the Caribbean, have an unusual ride over Havana´s most picturesque districts and “pedal on” by the beautiful Havana Harbor and the city´s Historic Area, among other interesting spots in the city.

*For persons 12 years old or more in good physical condition.

From: USD 61.00

The Liqueur Way

Discover a noisier and merrier side of Cuba by getting in touch with the world of bars, music and drinks of choice for Cubans.

There you´ll be able to enjoy the island´s best cocktails mixed by master bartenders.

Enjoy the best rom.

From: USD 54.00

The Havana Cigar Legend

It´s the best way of discovering the secrets of a century-long tobacco tradition in the land where the best cigars in the world are made. It allows to know first hand the exclusive process of rolling this authentic Cuban product to be enjoyed by smokers or history lovers.

*For persons 18 years old or more.

From: USD 61.00

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