Tropical Adventure Travel & Tours sponsors trade fair in Switzerland dedicated to Cuba

The travel agency Tropical Adventure Travel & Tours has just participated as a sponsor in the “Fiesta de las Naciones” fair dedicated to Cuba and held this weekend in the Swiss tourist city of Kreuzlingen.

During the event promoted by the mayor of the city and the Embassy of Cuba, representatives of Tropical Adventure exchanged ideas for future collaborations with directors of the famous liquor firm Pernod Ricard and Intertabak, the prestigious exclusive distributor of Habanos in Europe and Switzerland.

As Cuba was the guest of honor of the fair, Tropical Adventure took the opportunity to promote this attractive Caribbean country as an important tourist destination, distributing informative brochures and offering the numerous participants useful tips for traveling to the island.

More than 50,000 visitors, 36 invited nations and relevant sponsors such as the airline Edelweiss and the firm Portmann, the main distributor of cigars in Switzerland, among others, reflect the magnitude of this fair where prominent figures of Cuban and local culture also participated.

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